Williams, Waihi Beach – design and build Waterfall, Deck & Gardens

This was the very first time we had been asked to build a rock water fall and as excited as we were by the prospect we had one very obvious hurdle to overcome right from the beginning because there was no access for machinery. Our design and quote needed to take this into account with all excavation of the sloping eight metre site and most rock placement being undertaken manually. Thankfully a neighbouring landowner allowed us passage across their property so that some larger rocks could be craned into place from the top of the slope once we had completed our digging phase. These large rocks form the spine of the waterfall and ensured the end result still appeared ‘large scale’. The remaining rock was barrowed or hand transported into place and set on an EPDM rubber pond liner. The waterfall design comprises a main pond surrounded by a deck and bridge crossing. The main pond is fed by way of three cascades as the water makes its way down the incline. The bridge crossing forms the beginning of a timber and bark stairway which ascends the slope adjacent to the waterfall and ends at a flat seating area above. The water is reticulated via a stainless steel Grundfos submersible pump. Completing the scene is a native planting scheme comprising groundcovers in the form of Carex grass varieties, Coprosma varieties, Muehlenbeckia, Pratia and Poor Knights lily.

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