Porter – Waihi Beach

Design and Build

Brief: This project, undertaken on a large coastal property, presented the usual challenges associated with beachfront landscaping – salt laden winds and poor soil. Add to this the encroaching winter coinciding with our start date and we knew we had a real job on our hands.

Our clients brief was relatively simple, maintain the unobstructed views, create privacy from neighbouring properties and allow for an expansive lawn area and petanque court. Our finalised design included nearly 500m2 of lawn, bordered by a large fence and a petanque court seemingly formed out of a natural boulder bank. We worked very closely with the client to establish a planting scheme which comprised transplanted trees and plants brought from the their Hamilton home and plants we sourced from our preferred nurseries. The list was very eclectic and included citrus, coastal natives, coastal exotics, tender sub tropicals and succulents.

The existing soil was a blend of sand, rock and rubble. It was so poor that it even struggled to sustain kaikuyu & gorse! Therefore our very first task was to truck in 120m3 of clay ash and topsoil for the lawn and ‘ready to plant’ garden mix for the garden beds. With our soils established we could form the footprint of our design, first with the boulder banks using locally sourced quarry rock, then mowing strips and garden edging formed with Firth “Holland” and “Boulevard” pavers. Next the lawn – preferred for its tolerance of drought and harsh conditions, we used “Legend Couch” instant turf.

Planting and mulching came next and unfortunately so too did back to back winter storms. Nearly three weeks of torrential rain and gale force easterly winds lashed the site. Although severely battered and salt burnt nearly every plant survived and by the spring we all breathed a sigh of relief as new growth started to appear!

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