Beach Kids Childcare Centre – Waihi Beach

Beach Kids Childcare Centre, Waihi Beach – design and build

Another first for our company, this time a playground conversion. Our budget was lean and we needed to retain as much of the existing equipment as possible whilst breathing new life into the space. Our design was based around a tribal village style setting and with the creation of a series of smaller linked spaces the end result gives a sense of more space with separate areas for young children to escape and explore. Many different materials were used to offer a variety of texture, colour, shape and form to be experienced as the kids travel through and between each play area.

As with all projects this one came with its own set of challenges. We had very limited access to the site and because the centre was already established and running we had tight restrictions on when the project could be carried out. Hence, once a plan was formulated and accepted we had to pin point the most ideal time to move in for the installation, while causing the least amount of disruption to the centre. In the end it was decided that we undertake the project during the only time of year that the centre was closed – Christmas to New Year.  . So while the rest of the country was on holiday and lying on the beach we were busy working to our tight deadline. Overall, a fantastic transformation which the kids, parents and teachers just love.

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