John & Bev Back Porch

Design & Build

John & Bev needed dramatic improvements to their back porch. They wanted a dry, sheltered space which would effectively be an outside room, but give the feeling of being immersed in their already established lush gardens. The home is of a 1970’s heritage and this project was to be part of a series of external improvements lending to a subtropical theme.

We designed a chunky timber pergola and kwila deck that doubled the existing size. The main feature of our design was the kwila stained batten linings which provided dappled light through the clear corrugated polycarbonate roofing and walls and helped create a intimate, tropical space beneath. A skylight was left directly above the kitchen window to prevent darkening inside and a kwila leaner was constructed facing the garden so that John could enjoy a drink while appreciating the bounty of Bevs green thumbs! Once it had had time to bleed, the kwila deck was oiled to maintain its rich deep colour.


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